Social Media Becoming a Business Productivity Tool

social media productivity tool

Social Media Becoming a Business Productivity Tool

Increase Productivity with Social Media Networks

social media productivity tool

Until recently social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ were largely limited to marketing and community building functions at companies. But a recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Co. concluded that a majority of the estimated $1.3 trillion in untapped value from social technologies lies in “improved communications and collaboration within and across enterprises.” In other words, social media as an office productivity tool, in much the same manner that email did in the late 1990s.

Companies are moving beyond advertising on social media networks and are using social networks to build internal teams that solve problems faster, share information better among employees and partners, and bring customer ideas for new product designs to market earlier.

And as a bonus, the enormous popularity of the major social media networks means that for the most part your employees already know how to use them. That means that employees already have a basic ability to access company information simply because it’s easier to get to it. And because of employees’ familiarity with social media networks, very little training may be required.

In recent years, companies have begun to use social media tools such as internal networks, real-time chats and wikis for uses that go beyond marketing and community building to improving office productivity.

Other objectives where social media networks can improve for your business productivity and bottom line:

Wikis: Lets you build a knowledge-base that keeps the latest most up-to-date information in front of your managers, sales team and customer service reps with a wiki.

Blogs: Brainstorming and vetting new ideas. After all, your small business thrives on bringing new ideas to market faster. Blogs let you do that.

Web-based file-sharing:  You probably have the ability to share documents internally, but web-based file-sharing gives you the ability to share private documents with customers and partners in a secure, auditable way.

Micro-blogging: Lets you manage projects more effectively. Your team can’t always meet in person; micro-blogging keeps everyone in touch.

Much of work is social. But in today’s economy many employees now spend much of their time away from the office. Using social media as a productivity enhancement tool helps workers stay connected and can increase your ROI.

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  • Social networks can be great for building internal teams to take care of thing quickly and share information between partners and employees.