Improve Your SEO Rankings – Claim Your Free Local Business Listings

Improve Your SEO Rankings – Claim Your Free Local Business Listings

Increase and Improve SEO ranking

Nearly every major search engine and internet yellow pages (IYP) offer a free method that allows your company to claim and manage your local business listing data. This includes the Big 3: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Take advantage of this tool by claiming, optimizing and managing your local business Listings on the local search engines and major IYP’s.


In the quest for improved search engine ranking, it’s always in your best interest to manage your local business listing information yourself. Your local business listing data includes such information as category types, business hours and local content; all in an effort to provide maximum relevance to the consumer experience. To effectively update your business data:


  1. Claim each local business listing. Add all relevant categories that describe your business offerings that can be easily found when users search for your business’s product or services.
  2. Add operating hours, types of payments accepted and all other business specific information.
  3. Include logos, local store images, coupons and any additional local business content that enhances your listing and delivers more relevant content to your user.
  4. Edit any location specific links that will deliver the user (in one click) directly to any individual store’s local landing pages.

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