Hispanics and the Mobile Marketplace

hispanic market, spanish-speaking, mobile marketing

Hispanics and the Mobile Marketplace

Hispanics: A Very Tech-Forward Consumer

hispanic market, spanish-speaking, mobile marketing

U.S. Hispanics, a community of 53 million and making up 17% of all Americans, are rapidly becoming a big part of today’s mobile marketplace. This is mainly because Hispanics are less likely to own a home computer than the average American. They instead over-index on using mobile as their gateway to the web.  According to the Zpryme 2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends Study:

– Nearly 1 out of 4 (24.2%) Hispanics own 20 or more mobile apps

– Will spend over a half-billion dollars on mobile apps this year

“Hispanics are not only powering the growth of the mobile device and entertainment industries, they are shaping it. From the purchase of a new Apple iPad to chatting with friends on Facebook, advertisers must understand how to carve brands to be more culturally relevant to the Hispanic mobile consumer”, explained Jason S. Rodriguez, Zpryme CEO and Director of Research.

Digital savvy Hispanics are clearly demonstrating noteworthy metrics over non-Hispanics in the digital space:hispanic woman, hispanics, hispanic mobile market, spanish speaking

– The vast majority (72%) own at least one mobile device, according to a recent Nielsen Mobile Media Marketplace study.

– These early-adopters are also 24% more likely than non-Hispanics to buy a new smartphone.

– Hispanics are 8% more likely to be the first to purchase tablets. One speculation is that this may stem from the fact that Hispanics are 10 years younger than  the rest of the U.S. population with 77% under the age of 45 vs. 57% of non-Hispanics.

– U.S. Hispanics also spend significant amounts of time on their mobile devices in order to connect with family and friends here and in home countries.

– According to the Zpryme 2012 Study, “Hispanics will increasingly influence mobile technology markets in the U.S., and by 2017 Zpryme predicts that one out of every five tablets and smartphones in the U.S. will be purchased by Hispanics.”

When reaching out to this segment with marketing and advertising efforts, the messaging and content must remain culturally relevant to be effective. Simply repurposing elements originally meant to be consumed by a non-Hispanic, just does not work for this audience. It is worthy to note that Spanish is, by far, the most spoken non-English language in the U.S. with about 72% or 38 million people ages 5 and older, choosing to speak Spanish at home, according to this market research study.  It is essential for marketers to understand that language is a powerful tool, connecting this valued consumer to their community, culture and country of origin. Hispanics, even those who are bilingual, will often choose to consume Spanish-language media for content they can’t find anywhere else, including news, cultural content, sports and music.

So here is a group that is digitally savvy, young, open to new brand opportunities and socially connected. Furthermore, they are a demographic that clearly adopts technology products at a faster rate than the general market. According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth, the U.S. Hispanic market’s purchasing power is at $1.2 trillion, “larger than the entire economies of all but 13 countries in the world.” This massive demographic is a marketer’s dream and worth too much to ignore. Hispanics are positioned to drive a significant share of the demand for mobile technology in the U.S.  Companies without a targeted Hispanic mobile strategy will very likely miss out on the most digitally engaged U.S. demographic.  It is time to get on board with this emerging market segment!

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