Place-Based Media Delivers The Right Message via Digital Signage

place based media and digital signage

Place-Based Media Delivers The Right Message via Digital Signage

Digital Signage Advertising Enhances Customer Experience

digital signage advertising

Place-based media is about delivering the right message at the right place and time – when customers are making a purchasing decision. It enables you to communicate via screens at customer touch points and market your business more intelligently and cost-effectively.

The locations that customers frequent serve as powerful filters in the sales and marketing process. Place-based media optimizes your marketing efforts to cater to your most important customers – the ones making buying decisions right now! Your most important customers are those currently shopping for your product. Place-based media is a proven tool that lets you grow your revenue by focusing on them.

Also known as out-of-home advertising (OOH), digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, or interactive digital signage, place-based media has outpaced the growth of the Internet. This trend is driven by lower infrastructure costs and the ability to deliver targeted and optimized rich interactive signs and digital advertising

Using a variety of formatted resonant screens, unique IP addresses and built in computers, content can be tailored and delivered to respond to anyone within its reach. Dynamic digital content can be shaped by audiences and events and then integrated in the daily routines of consumers more effectively than other media.

In addition to being seen as more interesting and entertaining than most media, digital signage advertising can foster immediate action. This fact alone, explains why this new media is embraced by marketers looking to engage the consumer direct response experience rather than simply broadcasting a message.

Place-based media is now seen as a central component of new retail designs. Cost, size and impact of digital platforms has created a new era of “infotainment”.  Simply hanging a screen on an empty wall, from the ceiling or on a shelf will no longer do it.

As with all marketing, any place-based media offering must be relevant to the consumer, the brand and the location. The key is to keep your eye on the consumer and remain sensitive to his/her needs. The unique characteristics of place-based media allows for the creation of marketing strategies that serve the following functions:

* Branding
* Product information
* Promotions
* Enhanced customer experience
* Coupons
* Third-party advertising
* Awareness
* Entertainment

Place-based media with its ability to attract and keep the attention of consumers (and get them involved) is having significantly greater promotional impact than traditional marketing and advertising media.

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