Build a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign to Increase Sales

Build a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign to Increase Sales

Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing allows you to communicate with and engage your audience like never before.  By using mobile devices and/or networks such as smart phones or other hand held devices with web access, marketing becomes interactive and more relevant to the individual consumer. Any effective mobile marketing campaign should be designed to complement and be an extension of your overall business marketing strategy.  When planning your mobile marketing campaign, you’ll want to make sure your campaign has certain elements.

Make your mobile marketing campaign convenient:  Make sure your website is easy for customers to browse on mobile devices. Users don’t want to pinch, zoom, and scroll all over your site.  

Keep your mobile marketing campaign geo-targeted:  More and more mobile searches have local intent. Virtually all new smart phones come with GPS.  This is very helpful, because customers’ phones can send their location information, which allows you to target your offers for specific geographic areas – even specific neighborhoods.   

Integrate your mobile marketing campaign with your overall marketing strategy:  Successful mobile campaigns tie into the overall marketing plan of the company. You have to tell people about it by putting your promotion everywhere you live onsite: your website, newsletter, Facebook, etc. 

Keep your mobile marketing campaign timely:  Mobile marketing lets you engage your customers as soon as something comes up.For example, if you own a restaurant and it’s a slow Saturday night, send a text message to your customers offering a special or discount.Text messages have a 95% open rate, making them an especially powerful marketing tool.

Get your customer involved:  Get your customers involved in your campaign. It will dramatically increase results. Giveaways, polls and contests have all been used successfully to build customer lists.  Ask your customers to text in their vote, or to enter a drawing for a chance to win a prize, or to come up with the best caption for a photo.

Keep your mobile marketing campaign exclusive:  Encourage people to opt-in to your offer by giving them a good reason. Present customers with an exclusive offer. For example, “Text FREE to 1234567 for a free cup of coffee.”

Always ask for permission:  Successful mobile marketing campaigns ask for permission. Make sure your campaign is transparent. Messages sent to people who haven’t expressed an interest in hearing from you are just another form of spam. You also want to tell users how they can easily be removed from the list.

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