5 Content Tips That Will Increase Your Blog Readership Right Away

5 Content Tips That Will Increase Your Blog Readership Right Away

You recently started your company blog. You do your research, you write killer headlines, and you follow that with a great and compelling opening paragraph. But still, you’re not getting the readers you’d hoped for. What are you doing wrong? Content is still king; but you need to know how to present and promote your content in order for your blog to succeed.


Here are 5 tips that can help you write and promote your blog more effectively and increase your readership immediately:


Be More Conversational. It’s called the “social” media for a reason. Write like you’re holding a face-to-face conversation with your readers. And bring your readers into the conversation. An interactive and personal tone generates buzz for your content.


Don’t Overdoing the Advertising. Readers are turned off when they feel you’re more concerned with advertising than the content of your blog. You need to find a balance between providing useful information and advertising. If there is any question, always lean toward more content and les advertising. Successful blogs are viewed by their readers as a resource; they will never see you a resource if they feel that your sole purpose is to make money. If you’re going to have ads on your blog, keep them separated from the content.


Use Pictures. Pictures are a great addition to your blog. No matter how great of a writer you are, most of your readers don’t want to be greeted with a long block of text when they click on your post. Pictures add a nice aesthetic look to your blog and they make your content easier to scan.


Become a Resource. If you want your content to rise to the top of social media heap (and generate inbound links), you need to become a resource. You accomplish this by providing information and analysis that can’t be found anywhere else. Whatever subject you plan on writing about has probably already been covered by others. That’s fine; adding your own unique perspective to the topic will keep it interesting. Online readers are well-known for having short attention spans; it’s your job to keep them focused.


Be Sure You’re Posting Frequently Enough. To build a loyal following, you need to be able to keep your readers attention. It’s pretty difficult (if not impossible) to build a following if you only post whenever you can get around to it. Posting every few weeks just doesn’t work. Posting everyday may not be necessary, but you needed to do regularly enough and often enough that your audience doesn’t forget about you.


Building a successful blog following takes time and effort. It can be a very slow process and generally requires a long-term commitment. Keep writing and learn from your mistakes. By persevering and continually tweaking your approach, you’ll eventually develop a formula that works for you. It’s a learning experience; stick with it for the long haul.

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