5 Easy Ways to Boost Local Search

5 Easy Ways to Boost Local Search

ways to boost local searchAre you using social media sites to boost your local search results? It’s no longer a question of should be active in social media.  The question is how to develop a social media strategy that will give you greatest impact. 

An effective social media strategy will let you:


·  Communicate directly with your customers

·  Create engaging discussion topics

·  Take your marketing viral

·  Boost your online brand awareness

·  Help propel your business to the top of organic local search results


The evolving social media landscape can be a confusing place for marketers. However, here are some tips that will help you achieve those goals:


1. Build a following on Facebook.  Nearly half of Facebook users follow a specific brand and more than half of them eventually purchase that brand.  “Likes” on Facebook spread brand awareness virally, delivering information to everyone befriended by your followers.

2. Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with your current customers.  Increasingly, Twitter users follow a specific brand and most will eventually purchase that brand. Twitter posts should be used to engage your followers by providing them with helpful information about your products and services.  Offering special deals to your Twitter followers is a great way to grab their attention.

3. Encourage customers to review your business. Consumers love online reviews because they can see what others think about you and your product or service before they make a purchase. In addition, reviews on social media sites improve your organic search engine rankings and will drive free web traffic.

4. Leverage YouTube videos in local search results.  Embed your videos in Google Places, websites, and social profile pages.  Videos showcase your products and services while putting a human face on your business.

5. Give customers incentives to share your information online.  “Share and Receive a Reward” programs encourage consumers to share your offers with their friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels in exchange for discounts or special deals.


By creating an effective social media marketing program, you make it easy for customers to find your business and to talk about it online. The results can greatly enhance your web marketing results by boosting your long-term brand awareness and increasing sales and profits.  

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