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twitter social media

Easy Steps You Can Take To Add Twitter Followers

Tweet Your Way to Twitter Success in 140 Characters or Less

twitter social media

Twitter is one of the hottest marketing tools in the world. Everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion, share news, make people laugh and inspire.  Twitter allows you to influence people’s lives, careers, and daily life events. In short, Twitter has become a publicity powerhouse.

It costs you nothing to market on Twitter.  It is absolutely free (unless you opt for paid advertising) and Twitter is viral.  People who care about what you say will re-tweet your comments and share them with others.  That’s why it is so important to build relationships.

Now, let’s talk about how your business can add more followers on Twitter:

  1. Educate: Give a good business tip that might help your followers.  Share with people what you do and how you can help them.  Educate your Twitter followers.  It’s all about helping them!
  2. Profile description: It is not a job application so make your social media profile light, easy, and enjoyable to read. Be yourself. People want to know who you are. Avoid silly avatars or excessive use of #hashtags if any at all.
  3. Speed counts: Reply to people right way if they’ve said something to you, especially if they are not yet a Follower.  Then follow them back.  Establish rapport as quickly as possible.  Give them something valuable to read or think about.
  4. Available tools: Use the search feature to find people and topics you want to discuss in your niche.  Bring offline clients online to follow you or motivate them to start their own Twitter profile.
  5. Be yourself.  Do not create new persona on Twitter. Be yourself and maintain your brand.  Twitter is part of your overall marketing strategy. Be consistent.
  6. Compliment freely: Praise people, compliment them. How do you feel when someone praises something that you’ve said or done? Everyone loves compliments – pay it forward.
  7. Questions:  People love questions. Ask and you’ll start a conversation. Questions create a dialog. Make sure when readers answer that you reply back to them. Courtesy is the best policy on Twitter.
  8. Be a good host: Invite friends and followers from other social networks. For example, invite friends from Facebook to follow you on Twitter. They love it and it is fun and simple.
  9. Retweet: Engage with a retweet, reply and/or “favorite” what others tweet if you like it and it makes sense to you. Try to find out what people do first before you retweet. Read their profile. It is a must if you want long term relationships.
  10. Keep control of your marketing: Make Twitter part of your overall marketing and content strategy. Send all traffic to your blog; Don’t give anything away for free without asking people to opt-in; Build solid relationships;  Tell followers about your book, your speaking engagements, offers and more.
  11. Links: Include your Twitter link and handle to your blogs, other social networks, press releases, articles and other publicity platforms.

The volume of followers on Twitter gives you leverage and more traffic, however, quality counts. That’s why it’s important to nurture relationships and, in doing so, build a loyal network.