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Getting More Customer Reviews on Your Website

Many online businesses often overlook the power of customer reviews. There are many benefits of reviews to your customers.  


Customer reviews reveal insights about your product or service that does not appear in your own copywriting. This is very important to online shoppers, as there is not a salesperson on hand to discuss your offerings. This allows customers to research their purchase more thoroughly, with honest opinions. The more review content you have, the less likely the visitor will turn elsewhere.


Consumer surveys consistently show that people prefer shopping on websites that show customer reviews. In the customers mind, it reduces their risk of purchasing a bad product. Research shows that consumer reviews are trusted nearly 12 times more than manufacturers’ descriptions. Consumers actively seek out sites that offer a wealth of reviews. The same survey shows that over 80% of consumers consider the availability of customer reviews to be “very important” in their purchasing decision.  Even negative reviews can help create positive feelings about your product – it shows transparency and honesty.


But attracting customer reviews can be a challenge. How can you motivate customers to take the time to contribute to product reviews? Here are a few suggestions.


The simplest and easiest way to get a customer review: just ask for it. It’s a no-brainer that you should reach out to customers post-purchase and request reviews. But it’s a fact that few are actually doing it. Many industries have offered incentives for customer review with great success. But they should be used sparingly in ecommerce. But you should offer incentives for reviews sparingly. Web users are sensitive to the issue and such tactics often draw criticism or hurt the perceived authenticity of the review.


Follow-up emails are another great way to increase customer satisfaction and increase customer reviews. Of course, timing is critical.  Follow-up after the product is in your customer’s hands and he/she has had a chance to use and evaluate the product. Then email the customer and ask for a quick review. (But don’t want to wait too long.)


A review solicitation via email should be crafted like any other email campaign. Care must be taken to choose an effective subject line, and body copy. And be sure to monitor your open and conversion rates.

Video Search Content Grows

A recent Google and Compete study found that 73% of B2B information-gatherers who conduct purchase research online used a search engine to do so. Data collected from the study time period showed B2B-branded searches on YouTube more than doubled in number during that time. And as more brands use video assets to share product information, show demos and offer testimonials, these numbers should continue to grow. 25% of all B2B online purchase researchers (and 28% of C-suite executives) accessed the web from their mobile devices. TricomB2B and University of Dayton School of Business Administration found that 59% used a smartphone to gather information.