A Different Approach

We have entered into a new era. Traditional roles of marketing have morphed into more trust based authentic models. Transparency has become the key to success for many industries but has always been the defacto standard for us on the “digital” side of the business world.

Building relationships for social responsibility for your corporation or organization is the key to new marketing. Adding value to relationships in your communications goes beyond conventional advertising and builds the foundation for a new sustainable audience with repeat engagements. Statistics support our approach for all organizations who value the consumer’s choices.

We put great emphasis on gaining real consumer insight about the motivational behaviors for the target audience so the communication is authentic and appropriate. Finally, we look at the technology-communication options for delivering the message.


From the Blog

  • Event Marketing and Digital Coupons Via Apple’s Passbook Mobile App

    The Mobile Wallet Can Mobilize Your Business Looking for a new way to promote your events or offers? How about one that eliminates the need to print flyers and other marketing collateral – an otherwise eco-friendly way to get event information directly into your consumers’ hands? Interested? Then what you’re looking for is access to your customer’s mobile wallet via Apple’s Passbook® mobile app. Passbook is a standard, pre-loaded app on all Apple iPhones (operating system iOS 6 and up). Android’s version of this app is called PassWallet. According to recent research by eMarketer, smartphone usage worldwide will be at 1.75 billion users…

  • Use Online Marketing to Boost Restaurant Traffic

    Drive More Traffic to Your Restaurant with Digital Marketing Online marketing should be a part of every restaurant’s overall marketing plan. In today’s market, it’s not even an option. Restaurants need to embrace the power of the web and smartphone apps to entice more traffic into their establishments. Technology is constantly changing and online or digital marketing, which involves websites, social media, and mobile campaigns, plays an integral role in the decision-making process for prospective customers. Online marketing has proven especially effective in attracting new customers. Of all online marketing influenced visits, 26% were first time visits to a specific…

  • Reward Customers with Mobile Loyalty Programs

    Build Customer Loyalty With Your Mobile App Loyalty cards have proven to be great for business. They allow your company to better understand the behavior of your customers, while giving the customer an incentive to make a purchase by offering some form of reward. Consumers often carry several loyalty cards from a variety of establishments – including supermarkets, gas stations and their favorite restaurants. But carrying a wallet full of loyalty cards can be inconvenient for the customer. A mobile customer loyalty program that allows customers to treat their phones as a mobile loyalty card can be the answer. According…

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