A Different Approach

We have entered into a new era. Traditional roles of marketing have morphed into more trust based authentic models. Transparency has become the key to success for many industries but has always been the defacto standard for us on the “digital” side of the business world.

Building relationships for social responsibility for your corporation or organization is the key to new marketing. Adding value to relationships in your communications goes beyond conventional advertising and builds the foundation for a new sustainable audience with repeat engagements. Statistics support our approach for all organizations who value the consumer’s choices.

We put great emphasis on gaining real consumer insight about the motivational behaviors for the target audience so the communication is authentic and appropriate. Finally, we look at the technology-communication options for delivering the message.


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  • Mobile Wallets: Changing Consumer Spending Habits

    Mobile Wallets Continue to Gain Consumer Acceptance Mobile wallets in some form have existed for nearly as long as smartphones. Recently there has been a tremendous increase in the number of mobile wallets available to the consumers as the payment technologies has heated up. Confusion about mobile wallets and how they work abounds. Here is a quick guide to help you navigate the maze. What is a Mobile Wallet? A mobile wallet is a mobile-based virtual wallet. Money is preloaded into an account that the consumer created with a service provider. It can then be spent online or offline at…

  • Predictive Analytics Transforming Marketing

    Predictive Analytics and Marketing Predictive analytics has become one of the newest marketing buzzwords in 2016. However it’s more than the latest catch phrase. It’s the wave of the future in a myriad of disciplines. The use of predictive analytics in marketing and sales has become one of its most valuable business applications.   What is predictive analytics? Many in the business world still don’t know what predictive analytics is or how it works and often fail to understand its full potential as a marketing model. It the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine-learning to predict future outcomes. It…

  • Social Media Marketing Expands Your Reach

    Does Your Corporate Strategy Include Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is the word-of-mouth that drives customer perceptions and purchasing decisions. Today, any effective corporate strategy requires that you need to be actively involved in the conversation. Here are a few essential points to think about if your company’s not already immersed in social media marketing: – Most adults in the U. S. use social media. The social media explosion is far from over. Future growth is expected to come from duration or total time spent interacting via social media sites. In other words, your clients are already using social media…

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